Virtual Companionship

Your long distance lover

We are currently living in a world where physical touch has become something that we all desperately crave, but cannot have. Our worlds have gotten smaller, bubbles of necessities have formed, sexual relationships all but forbidden - even innocent hugs have become potentially fatal.

Ever a tactile person, ever someone who has never felt more at home than when in a lover’s embrace, the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly brought its challenges. I find myself, more than ever, seeking virtual companionship and intimacy. There’s nothing I like more than receiving a ‘good morning’ text from a lover, or hearing about your day at the (home) office. It’s the little things that really count, don’t you think?

That’s why I am really excited to share my Virtual Companionship package with you.

I am offering weekly companionship and connection via those small devices that we carry around in our back pockets all day; it can be through text, Whatsapp or emails, whichever you prefer. For seven days, between the hours of 8am – 6pm, we can connect as old friends, lovers, or as if in that first wave of dating someone new. We all deserve to feel the heat and spark of a new experience: let me be that for you.

My Virtual Companionship experience is geared more towards intimacy and closeness than explicit sexting, but of course, I’m always in the mood to share a cheeky lingerie selfie. You’ll hear about my day, and I’ll hear about yours.

    Here are some ideas of how we might connect:

    • Good morning and good night messages.
    • Sharing selfies (think tasteful lingerie shots with a smile on my face, nothing pornographic)
    • Hearing about each other’s day – fill me in on any Zoom meeting gossip, have you tried out any good recipes, what author is getting you through lockdown?
    • Laughter! Send me your favourite memes, and GIFs. Let’s share funny stories and put a smile on each other’s face.
    • Daily dog walking and exercise photos [Keep me company as I work on my step count!]
    • ‘Thinking of you’ texts. Sometimes the most tender of messages are the small ones.

    If you have anything else in mind, please get in touch! I love creativity.

    While my responses will always be as prompt as I can make them, I will still be living my daily life – exercising, dog-walking, reading, cooking, etc. I can’t wait to share these moments with you!

    For a seven-day virtual experience, I ask for a contribution of £200 payable by bank transfer.

    Get in touch to find out more. And for those of you who find themselves a little too busy for one-to-one contact, you can subscribe to my Onlyfans, where I post uncensored images and sensual erotica.