What would you like to know?

How should I get in touch?

The best way to arrange a date is with an open hearted email. Bonus points if you've outlined what you have in mind for our date. After we've taken care of the details, we can arrange a mutually convenient time to chat on the phone, as I like to say hello before we meet.

Where are you based? Can you travel to me?

I offer incalls from a discreet Cardiff Bay apartment. For outcalls I am happy to visit you at a Cardiff hotel, or your home with proper screening information.

I do offer outcalls further afield with a good amount of notice, a deposit and a travel fee.

Deposits, Screening and Cancellation Policy

I understand life can get in the way of good times, so if you need to cancel I appreciate as much notice as possible. In the case of very late notice (i.e. with 48 hours to go until our meeting) a cancellation fee makes a very good and sincere apology, and ensures that I won't hesitate to pencil you in for future meetings. For bookings 3 hours or more, I kindly request 50% payment in advance. If you cancel a longer date with a week or less notice, I do ask for the remaining balance to be paid in full.

I protect my time, earnings and safety by using screening methods and deposits where necessary. This allows me to commit fully to my sessions in advance, as I decline other commitments when I book a session with you. All deposits are non-refundable (the exception being in the unlikely event I were to cancel on you).

I'd like to see you rather last minute

I understand, it can feel rather exciting stumbling across something new you'd like to try. I'm rarely able to accommodate last minute sessions but recommend getting in touch to check whether I can see you. Please give me as much detail about your desired session as possible, including your number, and be patient.

If you know you can only ever make last-minute enquiries because of other commitments, that's okay, get in touch in advance introducing yourself anyway, and I can give you my phone number for future contact purposes.

Can I take you to lunch/dinner/coffee?

Certainly, I'd be delighted. You can find my rates for all meetings here. I'm happy to be introduced to new tastes and food experiences, or equally happy to suggest a venue if you prefer.

How will you be dressed for our date?

My style is best described as understated elegance. I wear little to no make up, unless requested, and am just as comfortable in a leather skirt and boots as I am in jeans and a tee, or a pretty dress with exceptional lingerie underneath! If you have a specific request, or if you would prefer me to be casual for our date, do let me know.

What services do you provide?

Safety and personal hygiene are paramount for me, and I only offer protected sexual services. I am open-minded and always keen to explore, so if you have something in particular you would like to enjoy during our time together please let me know in advance.

Do you see couples?

With pleasure! I have had a couple of experiences in the past, pardon the pun, and loved it. I love the intimacy of one-on-one encounters, but sometimes you crave a little something more. Make an unforgettable date with myself and your partner, or one of my lovers, and watch the sparks fly If you'd like to see this play out for us, get in touch.

How discreet are you?

Discretion is extremely important to me. I completely understand the importance of confidentiality and will respect yours at all times.
Please never ask me to compromise my own safety & screening procedures for your reassurance - my security is as important to me as yours is to you. Any details you share with me are not kept or distributed, nor will I discuss the details of our time together.

What kind of people are your clients? Is there anyone you won't see?

If you are emotionally mature, respectful and considerate, with a good attitude; I am happy to spend time with you. I do not discriminate based on race, age, gender, or ability. If you have any special requirements, please mention when we're planning our time together.

If this is your first time, don't worry, I always provide a safe and comfortable environment where you can relax.

May I write a review of our session?

It is important to me that any review isn't disrespectful and I prefer to keep the intimate details to a minimum. The majority of those that have 'reviewed' our time together in the past have kept it tasteful and discreet, and I would like that to continue.

Can I bring a gift? Should I tip?

That would be so lovely! You can find inspiration here. Please don't bring flowers. Tipping is not expected. That said, it's a lovely gesture if you have particularly enjoyed our date.

Are you reference friendly?

I certainly am. If we've met in the last 12 months I am happy to provide a reference, should another provider require it.