Dreams of Spanking

Have you every fantasised about what it feel like to see an escort who specialises in spanking? I can predict that you have, seeing as you find yourself on this page…

Surrendering to a sensual Mistress can be a life-changing experience. I pride myself on the ability to indulge many a fantasy from submissive clients, who want to give themselves over to the pleasure of domination. In case you missed it sitting quietly on my Alternative Inclinations page, one particular facet of domination that I adore is erotic spanking.

I get a considerable thrill from a lover offering up his body and pleasure for my enjoyment. I relish in the intense vulnerability and intimacy involved in spanking; in order to give yourself up to such corporeal delights, there must be trust between the dominant and her submissive. Giving your power to me willingly and humbly is a heady rush. Eliciting pleasure from the strike of a hand across a bare buttock, lifted in eager reception, brings me into the sweetest of domspaces (it’s not just subs who feel floaty and dreamy during and after a session).

Spanking is a type of impact play that you often find in vanilla experiences – it’s one of the common routes through which people come to understand their enjoyment for consensual pain. There are many forms that spanking can take; over my knee hand spanking, the crisp sound of a paddle hitting your bare bottom, a cane, belt, flogger, slipper, ruler, hairbrush…. The list is endless. One thing that’s for certain, however, is that I’m ready and willing to cause pain as pleasure.

Nothing of the indulgence we get up to is ever done without considering the basic tenets of consensual BDSM practices – SSC: Safe, Sane, and Consensual. When you contact me for a booking that includes spanking (or any other kink dynamic for that matter), I may ask you questions such as; have you played before? What are the sort of limits you have? Would you like to avoid marking? Would you like to be marked?

I often have a lot of clients how have never explored their kinky side, and are looking for a down-to-earth independent escort to expand their horizons. One of the brilliant things about spanking is its versatility! It doesn’t require any additional implements, tools, or rigging – just the palm of my soft hand that works hard at leaving your bottom pleasantly red raw. I do, however, have a box of alternative tools that I can bring into the mix, should you prefer the sharper sting of a cane, or the heavy thud of a paddle. Spanking works especially well with roleplays – are you a naughty schoolboy, who requires extra discipline after misbehaving? Have you been caught looking at indecent pictures at work of your boss, and have been called into the boss’s office? Maybe you’re afflicted with a rare medical condition, that can only be cured by spanking…

Spanking can also be incorporated into a kinky GFE date, a wider pro-domme scene, or as a stand-alone session. Maybe you need a good thrashing, or perhaps a sensual hand – these are things we can work through together. I’ll push you to the limits that will have you descending into a blissful subspace.

Would you join me for some spanking fun?