Intimacy Redefined: The Power of Touch

We find intimacy in many different places, and it can look different for everyone. I would be delighted to spend time simply being in the moment with you. We've all experienced the feeling of wanting physical comfort and closeness, positive touch and connection and companionship. I believe everyone should have access to interactions that are intimate, caring and positive; these moments can greatly improve a person's self-esteem, boost confidence and enhance outlook on life. However it is that you find moments of security, calm and peace - be it nurturing cuddles and caresses, lying together entwined, touch through massage, or something else - is completely valid.

In a world where many find themselves chained to a desk, starved of intimate moments, a date with me is a luxury. It is a decadence you deserve, with all of my attention focused on you. How we spend our time together is entirely up to you. Any dalliance can be a relaxed affair - without pressure, presumption or expectations. My sessions do not need to, and often don't, include sex.

Often people contact me feeling an expectation that during our dates, they'll have to sexually 'perform' in a way that puts a huge amount of pressure on themselves. With stress being one of the biggest factors for not being able to be in the moment (so to speak), I always reassure my patrons that time with me is an open book. Desire for intimacy isn't purely focussed on sex, and being an escort who provides a GFE (girlfriend experience) means, well just that – a girlfriend experience. Time with me isn't a tick-boxing exercise; it ebbs and flows according to our connection, according to what feels right in the moment. Touch does not need to always be sexual, with the opposite applying, too – the sexual does not always need to include touch (check out my Onlyfans to see how). Often people come to me for an hour-long massage, or we enjoy social time together on a lunch date, or a walk in the park. Sometimes the most beautiful memories I've had is being curled up on the chest of someone who has been craving the power of touch for a while.

The power of touch should not be underestimated. It is a phenomenon that nourishes the mind, body and soul. Touch is a universal language of love and connection that we use to communicate everyday, which has recently become more and more crucial as we battle the world of moving to digital lives to see connection. We often underestimate touch's ability to heal, empower and to create significant changes amongst us. Take some time for yourself and reconnect. The rest, of course, is up to you.