Saint Valentine's

February, a month which splits the nation like Marmite. Do you give yourself over to red heart balloons and cheesy love songs? Or do you hide indoors like a lone traveller in a snow storm? During February, the month where romantic courtly love really is in the air, I find it best to go with the flow. I personally like to take the time to honour Saint Valentine - after all, he’s treated me well over the years! Tasked with keeping an eye on the lives of lovers, he is also the patron saint of epilepsy and beekeeping… and while I do love a man with varied interests, this blog is about the Clinton Cards variety of worship, rather than a preference for apiculture.

Valentine’s Day is not only about coupling up and getting naughty with someone special. While romantic trysts with respectful gents have me hot under the collar, I also like to take the time this season to romance myself. I am a firm believer that self-love should always come first, and what better way to practice self-care than indulging yourself in luxury?

My romantic season might start with browsing Myla London’s Valentine’s Edits, imagining the feeling of elegant tulle and lace across my bare skin, or how sexy I would feel displaying my petite body to a lover in new lingerie. The seduction of undressing, for oneself or for a lover’s eyes, is an exquisite way to get in touch with our bodies.

The season de l’amour most certainly has to involve relaxation. Feeling rushed and stressed is a recipe for romantic disaster, so taking the time to unwind and let go of daily life is really important to me. I normally like drawing a hot bath, lighting candles, watching the steam rise in waves above the bathtub’s rim. Before you know it the mirrors and windows will have all fogged over; the intimate privacy of a bath captured in a hidden reflection. Then there is dipping that first toe, the heat of the water enlivening your senses. Immersing my naked body into a bath after a long day is pleasure unparalleled! Alongside a glass of wine, and a good book, is the knowledge that taking care of myself benefits not only me, but my suitors, too.

When the physical touch of another is absent (as it has been for so many of us the last couple of years), I like to indulge in a little adult me time, as it were. Running my hands up my legs, I might revel in the feel of my soft skin, being right there physically in the moment. Or I might fantasise about a recent tryst that still gets me hot. But, as with other sides of my sexuality (such as my delectable tie and tease), it’s all about the process. Massage oil, lube, and - above all - time, are essential features of exploring our erotic worlds. Grabbing hold of one of Coco de Mer’s intimate toys makes me feel hedonistic; what better way to bring yourself to the height of pleasure than in luxury?

Romance is all about the senses. Food, wine, physical touch, music, conversation - all the things that titillate me are those that set my mind, body and soul alight. I love sharing strawberries and champagne with someone special, the burst of the fizz cut through by delicate sweetness as we share a strawberry or two. Or, how warm ambient lighting in a beautiful hotel suite can make me feel in touch with my sensuality, and transport us from our everyday lives into our own cocoon of romance. Share with me your favourite playlist, let it be our background noise as we get to know one another.

As you can see, there are many ways that I’ll be worshipping at my own altar this Valentine’s Day. The question is, will you be joining me?