Social Dates

Spending time with a high-class companion can be one of life’s most magical moments. What we do in that time, is up to us to decide. Social dates are a lovely part of this demimonde, and happen more than you might think.

Social dates are defined by their non-sexual nature, although that’s not to say they’re any less intimate. Some of my most treasured memories of being a Cardiff courtesan have been the social dates I get to have with refined gentlemen.

There are many reasons why someone may book a social date – perhaps their schedule doesn’t allow for more clandestine connections, but a lunch date with warm and beautiful (and humble!) company is enough to keep them smiling for the rest of the week. It may be that they are nervous about getting up close and personal behind closed doors, and a social date is a comfortable setting where we can get to know each other more without any pressure. I’ve talked about this before elsewhere, but there are many preconceptions about booking a high-class escort, some of which I feel don’t stand up to the reality of the special time we can create together. A social date can take the pressure out of our first meeting together – think of it like a first date, nerves and excitement mingling in our bellies, wanting to feel that spark. Sometimes holding off on physical intimacy on a first, or second, date, makes the coming together of our bodies all the more exciting.

I’ve also found that social dates with a companion can be a brilliant way of spending time with my treasured lovers. They really strengthen our connection together, and are intimate in a way that you can only get with investing in a relationship over time. We could go on a shopping trip, stroll around a gallery together, or grab some lunch in one of Cardiff’s many gorgeous spots. I’ve got my eye on Milkwood and Bully’s new menu, if you consider yourself a foodie like me. We could take a ramble in nature, exploring the breathtaking views that Welsh countryside has to offer. We could plan a spa day together, have a couples massage, then relax with a glass of bubbly in the hot tub.

It’s one of life’s greatest joys to feel connected to another human being, to get lost in the moment, to create a space for you to feel special, where the rest of the world fades into the background. Won’t you join me