Tie and Tease

Sometimes, the journey can be just as delicious as arriving at the destination…

As a tie and tease escort, I know a thing or two about the wonderful experiences that edging, teasing and sensation play can bring. Whether part of a GFE experience or sensual domination, I love to hear you whimper while under my command.

The tying

As a Cardiff companion, my incall is fully equipped with all that we need to reach exquisite ecstasy. Tying my suitors up really helps to build the anticipation. I have under the bed restraints, for both ankles and feet, made of the softest suede leather, and a velcro fastening. These restraints are perfect for those who are new to incorporating restriction into their play sessions. While I always play using the traffic light system (green to mean carry on, red to mean stop immediately), I find that the knowledge of quickly being able to be freed from such bondage can set a nervous mind at ease. But that’s not to say I don’t delve deep into the session with you. I love you being at the mercy of my desires, where I can take full advantage of your vulnerability.

I love to bind my lover using the shibari technique, during longer sessions and for those who want to feel the exquisite stillness that comes with being bound and having their freedom of movement completely restricted. Incorporating shibari into a session with an independent companion like myself adds a heightened element of the psychological side of being bound; when you’re tied, I’ve got you, and I can do whatever I want with you…

Tying a lover isn’t just a means to an end, the process of tying itself is full of sensual, sexy moments. The anticipation of what is going to happen is often as erotic and arousing as what happens. This can be done gently, with soft movements and sweet moans of pleasure. Or it can be done roughly, quickly, with vindictive giggles emanating from behind my wicked smile. How we approach a tie and tease is about our dynamic, our desires – one size doesn’t fit all, and I want to hear what dynamic you most fantasise about.

Another element that can quieten the mind, is using blindfolds and other implements that deaden some senses in order to heighten others (KLE wrote a great blog post about sensory play, here). I often slip a blindfold on after I’ve restrained my play partner, leaving them suspended in anticipation for a minute, waiting for what’s yet to come…

The teasing

For a tie and tease escort, utilising as many different tools and materials to arouse, heighten and tease someone into unbearable pleasure is something I take very seriously.

Instructing my lover to quiet his mind, and focus on the bodily sensations, I may drape something as light as a tissue across your naked body, causing powerful ripples of desire from your head down to your toes. Perhaps I will use a beautiful silk scarf, wrapping it around your legs, watching it forms curves and shapes as it moves across the contours of your body. I might reach for my (faux) fur flogger, giving you gentle taps, enhancing the excitement of how it feels for your body and mind to be totally in my hands. Alongside my fur flogger, I always use my leather flogger. Contrary to what it may sound like, this beauty doesn’t hurt. It’s made of thick, butter soft pieces of leather. Its weight and girth add pressure after the lightness of my silk scarf. I like to start at your feet, working my way up, giving you a little tap tap every now and then, reaching up to your smiling, blindfolded face. I might whisper sweet nothings in your ear, the feel of my pert breasts grazing across your chest… Then there is my chain flogger, which whatever the weather is ice cold – perfect for summer sessions. It’ll send sparks of delight across your body, as your mind begins to race, feeling my hands reach down to your most intimate area. If we’re meeting in the winter months, I might heat up some coconut oil to lather over you – as a trained masseuse, and an elite Cardiff companion, I am adept at working out those knots of tension.

Combining such different materials and sensations really makes a tie and tease session with me something you won’t forget in a hurry. Whether as an addition to a more vanilla experience, or as part of a more intensive domination session, I relish being the one in control.

So why don’t you let go and let me take charge.