Working up a Sweat

Harder, he said, as my knees began to buckle and I felt delicate beads of sweat roll down my décolletage. Work harder for me, that’s it! My breath was short, face flushed. My body moved up and down, thighs tightening. There was this exquisite combination of feelings – like I couldn’t go on for much longer, but I desperately needed more. I felt so in my body; my mind cleared, it was such a rush. We were coming up to the climax now, there was no stopping us – nearly there, he breathed, nearly there!


I love to exercise. I love to feel my pulse race, my body becoming warm, sweat gathering in my collar bones, rolling down my forehead. Exercise, in many ways, is very close to sex. Both are physical in very embodied ways. Often the post-sex glow mirrors the post-exercise glow. Weak knees, flushed face, words fail us. With my heartbeat sounding in my ears, I lose all self-consciousness, forget the world around me.

As I’m sure you have already seen, I keep my slim but curvy body tight, toned and glowing with a rigorous exercise regime. There isn’t a machine I haven’t tried at my gym, but I most prefer classes; doing daily yoga, alongside Pilates, weights and HIIT training. I’ve recently restarted pole classes too, which is a lot harder than it looks! It requires strength, stamina and flexibility – not to mention the confidence to pull off an erotic performance. Alongside all of this, I take my very cute dog out for walks three times a day, you could say that I lead a very active lifestyle!

Being Cardiff’s elite companion, I know a thing or two about the release that comes with – ahem – physical exertion. Yoga gives me that blissful feeling of a stretch deep in my muscles, massaging out any tightness, especially in my toned calves. While I love a vinyasa flow, sequences that follow your breath and work up a sweat, yin yoga – that is slower paced, holding poses for a long time – is exquisite agony. Pilates, which I practice every day, helps keep my mind centred and my muscles toned, helping with posture (which definitely works, as I have spent way too much time on my Twitter and Onlyfans during the pandemic!). As an independent escort specialising in sensual domination, having good posture makes me feel so powerful, that when you kneel at my feet, I can feel the dominant energy running through my entire body. HIIT training and weights give me so much energy, I feel ready to take on the day. I love seeing my progress, and the intense bursts of activity followed by rest periods really shake away any stress.

So as you can tell, I love my exercise regime. But there’s nothing I love more than a good romantic adventure to get the heart pumping and the body moving. Being an independent elite escort, it’s important to me that I look my best, so I can feel my best. Working out every day means that when I step myself into my lingerie (Studio Pia, Edge O’Beyond and Bordelle’s new collection are on my wish list!), I feel my most confident. One of the most powerful feelings as a Cardiff companion is to watch your eyes light up, the more I undress.

Let’s work up a sweat, together.