Blondes have more fun

From Veronica Lake, to Kate Moss; Marilyn Monroe to Katherine Jenkins. Zsa Zsa Gabor right through to Blake Lively – do girls with flaxen hair really have more fun?

Bimbo, vacuous, naïve; we’ve all seen these representations of blonde women. We’ve all laughed at bimbo jokes, or eye rolled our way through films which feature the dense, easily manipulated blonde woman with the big boobs. We’ve all participated in having a ‘blonde moment’ when we’ve forgotten our house keys, but some of us are lucky enough to live life as a natural blonde, to really know that being a blonde woman is not synonymous with simplicity; rather, she is like a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day.

Sex symbol, starlet, icon – now that’s more like it! Being a Welsh blonde escort comes naturally to me – just as natural as the golden curls that tumble down my back. As a blonde companion, I am regularly complemented on my hair – the way it refracts the light, the way it shines, the softly-perfumed smell of it dancing in your memory, long after our date has come to an end. Being blonde, it’s easy to be stereotyped – either you’re considered a bimbo, or the type of girl next door devoid of sexual agency. I’m sure those that have seen me for a domination session will attest, that one does not need to be the loudest person in the room in order to command it…

When I think of truly powerful blonde women in history, I think of Jayne Mansfield, with her iconic dark arched brows; I think of Dolly Parton, queen of country and with wigs so high you could ride into heaven on them. I think of sweet, soulful Duffy, a fellow Welsh woman whose voice never fails to move me to tears.

As you’ll see in my photos, and in my virtual diary, the tonal quality of my hair is just as multi-dimensional as I am. The soft pale, golden, and flaxen highlights shift and move depending on the light, and the shadows. Shoulder-length (although growing steadily longer during this lockdown!), my hair graces my collar-bones, framing my petite yet curvy frame. Pulled up into a chic chignon, my slender and soft neck is accentuated, where my perfume lives, where hopefully your lips will travel . I also often wear my blonde hair in loose, natural curls, and adore the feeling of a lover coming their fingers through it. In my domination sessions, I often incorporate devotional acts, having my subs brush my hair, worship my golden curls.

A powerful combination is my hair and blue, expressive eyes. They’ll hold your gaze; watch them sparkle as a smile begins to grow on my face. Time with me, your independent Welsh companion, is nothing but refreshing; an inviting mix of down to earth girl, and sex kitten. I am both glamorous starlet, and the girl next door. GFE with a twist, and BDSM with a warm smile.

Until next time,

WB x