Gentleman's Tonic

You shut off your engine, parking a mere five-minute walk away from my luxurious incall apartment in central Cardiff. It s been a long day at work - the weather is most likely on the miserable side. You're tired, shoulders tense - the world wants a lot from you, I know. You need a space to reconnect with someone, a woman who knows how to bring you intimacy and pleasure in ways that no other can. You need a tonic to cleanse you from the outside world. Luckily, this is where I come in.

Stepping into my warm, calming incall space, the first thing you notice is my smile. Open, inviting, excited. The room is lit up by candles and ambient lighting, a far cry from your office strip glare. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot a massage table; clean, crisp, resplendent with towels and oh-so enticing…

Tell me, what could be better than your very own Welsh companion, other than your very own Welsh companion who is qualified as a massage therapist? You see, as much as I am a professional of knowing how to move my hips back and forth, enticing you with my sumptuous curves, hypnotising you under my spell, I am also very good with my hands.

My Gentleman's Tonic is a lovely, sensual full-body massage, with the option of the phrase 'full-body' to really mean - ahem - all of your body. This service is slow, all-encompassing; as I run my hands over you, the stresses of your day and the outside world will melt away. Massaging out all of your tension, all of that built-up worry, all of that - well, stuff that keeps us from achieving true pleasure in life. In this moment, it is all about you. In this moment, time stops, and you melt into the rhythmic pressure of my firm yet gentle hands moving up and down your body.

For those of you who love the feeling of a woman's body gliding up and down your own, may I suggest the Nuru Massage. Of Japanese origin, the word nuru means slippery or smooth in Japanese. But that definition simply doesn't do justice to this wonderfully erotically charged experience. I first apply the enriching Nuru gel to both your body and my own. Watch, as every inch of my naked stunning hourglass frame is covered by the viscous, delicious smelling gel. I then sit astride you, and we begin to play. With plenty of massage techniques up my sleeve to push your body and mind into an ecstatic space, my Nuru Massage smells like sex, and tastes like excitement.

A Tantric Massage means letting go of what does not serve you, and prioritising true erotic, spiritual and bodily pleasure. But don't be scared, there's nothing shamanic about this service of mine. Tantric massage is an element of Hindu meditation practices, known as Tantra. It is a combination of gentle massage and tender stroking; think a whole-body treatment, including genitals and/or the prostate. This massage is the ultimate of erotic experiences - here is where I slow you down, both physically and mentally, using the power of sexual and sensual touch to take you to new ecstatic heights, before firmly planting you back down on this earth again.

You come out of the bathroom, hair still a little damp from your shower, folding down your collar. Our time is nearly up, to leave this special space we have created for ourselves. I smile at you, kiss your cheek, the scent of my perfume lingering on your skin, for just a minute. Recharged, you're ready for the world again.

Join me