A lot of the time, things that are silly/funny/annoying about escorting are the same things that are silly/funny/annoying about any job, especially a job where you're self-employed and dealing directly with clients. Receiving phone calls from people who seem to have a little too much time on their hands, for example — it's really astonishing how many creepsters try to get free phonesex, even from women working for charity counselling lines (I've heard some shocking stories!). And being contacted by people who are on the hunt for a bargain and want to see how low they can barter you down — it's easy to get personally offended by this sort of thing but I usually just smile, apologise and say goodbye because I don't think it's meant to be personal at all. There are people out there who get very excited by getting a few quid off something, and then there are people like me: I'd rather pay full price for the most exceptional of things, or just give the whole kerfuffle a miss. Things like vouchers and clubcards and whatnot bore me to tears. If I want something, I'll save up and buy the best I can afford from someone that I can trust. But then again, I don't want many things, so maybe that's why it's not something I worry about often.

I have shared stories with people I have met who also run their own businesses and we've had a good giggle about the ups and downs of self-employment. It doesn't matter who you are, you'll still find yourself thinking, "Why?!" on a regular basis — probably at least three times a day — when you work for yourself. I can't say that I'm not genuinely saddened on those rare but rubbish occasions when, for example, a lovely client that I really value decides that I ought not to charge him for his bookings anymore because I "clearly enjoy seeing [him] so much"... but it's not that I don't enjoy it, it's that me enjoying it is part of what is being paid for! I'm sure I could offer a bargain-basement rate with free "sullenness" and "reluctance" thrown in, but who would want that?! Not the sort of people that are probably very pleasant to be around, I'd expect, so everything would probably go downhill very quickly. My enthusiasm and genuinely positive attitude towards my clients and our meetings are such a key part of what I offer that I feel I'd be silly to risk ruining that.

Ah, self-employment. Nothing really beats sitting down in your pants at 9am to draft a blogpost as part of your working day. So, despite the daily ups and downs and the little stresses and niggles here and there, I don't think I'd change it for the world!.