Virtual Lover

The world may be virtual right now, but that doesn’t make our connections any less real.

Who else is feeling the sting of non-physical interactions? We’re almost a year into the pandemic, and I’ve been thinking to myself, at what point do we officially declare this lockdown world to be the new normal?

Ever a tactile person, ever someone who has never felt more at home than when in a lover’s embrace, the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly brought its challenges. I find myself, more than ever, seeking virtual companionship and intimacy. There’s nothing I like more than receiving a ‘good morning’ text from a lover, or hearing about your day at the (home) office. It’s the little things that really count, don’t you think?

Beginning virtual companionship has gone some way to satiate the hunger I feel for connection, bringing a smile to my lovers’ faces (albeit seen through selfies, rather than in-person).

Becoming a virtual lover of mine feels like the first wave of excitement you feel upon dating someone new. Hearing my phone buzz, smiling sweetly to myself as I open up a message from you. A rush of giddiness as you tell me how beautiful I look, or a chuckle at the meme you saw on Twitter that you thought I’d love. I’ll be going about my day as usual – exercising, walking the dog, cooking up new recipes, delving into a good book – but all the while waiting impatiently for your reply.

‘Belle, a week in contact with you has lifted my spirits more than I can say. You are a treasure, you have put a smile on my face at a time I didn’t think was possible. Thank you for being you.’

My weekly packages look more like companionship, connection and warmth than explicitly sexual content (but you can check out my Onlyfans where I explore sexuality a little further). You can expect good morning and good night messages, updates about my day, tasteful lingerie selfies (even better if you’ve gifted me a new set), and much more. In return, I want to get to know you more. How has your day been, have you been working from home? Are you furloughed, and taking the opportunity to try out a new hobby? Tell me about your interests, what makes you laugh, what makes you smile. Or, if you feel like being creative, get in touch and we can arrange something truly unique.

‘Not only are you devastatingly gorgeous, but your wit, charm and warmth surpassed anything I thought was possible over messages. You bring a flair to virtual companionship, which makes me want to see you in person even more.’

For the finer details, head to my Virtual Companionship page.

Hope to see you in my inbox very soon…

Belle x