Sessions with Charlotte

Girlfriend Experience

I am a fan of laid-back intimacy. My favourites include gentle flirting and teasing long, sensual, affectionate caresses combined with lashings of care and attention. I enjoy meeting respectful, considerate and emotionally mature lovers who want to enjoy an erotic encounter.  If you crave the intimacy of a more 'vanilla' session, The Girlfriend Experience is a firm favourite!

My approach to intimacy is far from prescriptive. I like going with the flow and having things move along in whichever way comes most naturally to enjoy a relaxed, personal time together.

Open and honest communication often helps make sure that your appointment covers all the bases you'd hoped it would, so don't be afraid to speak up if you have any ideas.


The girlfriend experience might incorporate some elements of BDSM, or a more immersive date of several hours where we carve out a little extra time and space to get to know each other over drinks or dinner.

Whatever your desires, let me know. I want to give you my undivided attention.

Are you shy? New to this? New to sex?

If you're new, nervous, or have any physical issues that require a little sensitivity, I would be delighted to spend time with you.

A safe and non-judgemental environment with someone cute and relaxed can make a world of difference.

Don't worry if you've never done this kind of thing before, I'll guide you gently through things. You'll be in safe hands and I will help to ease any nerves.

No Guilt Massage

If you're still unsure, or would like to start with something slower; or you simply fancy being pampered, I also offer guilt-free massage. This is a safe and relaxed (no pressure!) experience for both of us and you still get to leave with an orgasm or two!

Not to be confused with a normal 'rub-down' massage. I enjoy spending time with you in the moment, with slow, sensual strokes. I specialise in my very own style of erotic massage with is best described as a tease. This intimate session is about YOU being thoroughly spoiled the whole duration of our time together.

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BDSM, Control Sessions, Fetish and Kink

For me, BDSM is about an exploration of sexuality, kinks, and fetishes, in a safe and non-judgemental environment. The thrill of giving yourself over entirely to a lover, is unparalleled.

I enjoy exploring the gentler, playful and loving side of dominance. I'm a huge fan of teasing, seductive touches, and erotic titillation. I adore being worshipped and my curves cry out for devotion. My bottom was built to be adored, my feet to be kissed, my skin to be caressed. Let me take control and indulge your fantasies.

Or perhaps you need to be brought in line? Do you dream of being overpowered by a beautiful mistress who sweetly requests that you drop to your knees and offer yourself willingly, who makes you beg? A sexually charged encounter, where I whisper in your ear as I gleefully make you lose control. Share with me your helplessness, as I firmly and deliciously correct you. Few things delight me more than bringing a lover's whispered fantasy to life.

I prefer to tailor experiences to the individual, but you can find more about what I enjoy in my "What do I offer?" section. If you have something specific in mind,  let me know what elements are important to you, or what you are curious about, in your introductory message, and we can go from there.

Perhaps you'd like something 'extra' and put yourself at the mercy of two dominant blondes? The interplay between each of us can be quite enticing! Join us for Double Domme.

Dreams of Spanking

I take great joy in dishing out an erotic spanking. There's nothing quite like the intense vulnerability and intimacy involved. I get a considerable thrill from a lover offering up their body and pleasure for my enjoyment. Whether it's over my knee hand spanking, the crisp sound of a paddle hitting your bare bottom, a cane, belt, flogger, tawse, slipper, ruler or hairbrush - across your back, legs or bottom. I'm ready and willing to cause pain and pleasure.

Lots of people are curious about impact play but need discretion from marking. If that's you, let me know and we can find ways to avoid it.

For those of a more 'vanilla' persuasion, who might be interested in a simpler kind of intimacy,  I enjoy losing myself in relaxed girlfriend experience encounters.